code of conduct


daamen & van sluis

Accountants - Tax Consultants

The Code of Conduct objective is to define universally accepted behavior within daamen & van sluis. Daamen & van sluis offers all employees these guidelines that give direction concerning all of our daily activities. With this we want to continue to live up to the trust in our organization.


Basic principles

Our employees’ must act in accordance within the generally accepted standards of decency and good taste. During the course of their duties, they should act in a fair and careful manner in accordance with all requirements according to the rules and regulations of all professional bodies. Our services observe the NBA regulation rules of professional conduct of auditors and are systematically monitored and enforced. In this Code of Conduct, the following basic principles are prescribed for all our services:



We act on the basis of our own professional behavior. This means that we do not only just adhere to the basic principles of technical quality in the formal sense but the scope and meaning should also be apparent from our behavior. To sum up, showing a professional scepticism and consideration.



This is a VGBA requirement stipulated in Section 2.3 of Article 6 'The auditor acts honestly and sincerely.’ The attitude expected of our employees, both towards clients and to colleagues.



We limit ourselves to the facts and should not be influenced by our own feelings or bias, conflict of interest or undue influence by third parties.


Professional competence and due care

We provide our services in an appropriate manner based on knowledge and by acting in accordance with technical and professional requirements. These are based on a certain level of knowledge and expertise (professional judgment) we follow all relevant literature and to keep abreast of any industry developments.



All information about assignments and clients are confidential and must be kept secret at all times.


Practical information concerning guidelines

We provide professional services by adhering to the following guidelines.


  1.   We offer only those services that are within our competence area and strive to deliver no less

        than what we have promised.

  2.   We compete hard but are only involved in practices that are legal and ethical.

  3.   We meet our contractual obligations and report and invoice in a fair manner.

  4.   We respect the confidentiality and privacy of our clients, our people and others with whom

        we do business. Unless authorized, we do not use confidential information for personal

        purposes  that could be used by daamen & van sluis accountants or for the benefit of others.

        We only disclose confidential information or personal data where such disclosure is needed,

        or when we have obtained the relevant approval and / or we are obliged to do so because of

        legal, regulatory or professional requirements.

  5.   We want to avoid conflicts of interest. If there are any potential conflicts of interest, and we

        are confident that the respective parties' interests can be protected in an appropriate manner

        through the implementation of appropriate procedures, we will of course implement them.

  6.   We cherish our independence. We protect the trust of our clients and other interested parties

        by adhering to regulations and professional standards that are designed to enable us to work

        as objectively as possible. We would like to ensure that our independence is not

        compromised or that it seems to be in any way. We actively respond to situations and

        circumstances that may bring our objectivity in jeopardy

  7.   When faced with difficult issues or issues that could put daamen & van sluis auditors at risk,

        internal consultation with competent experts take place before any action is taken. We always

        follow all technical and administrative requirements of consultation that apply to us.

  8.   It is unacceptable for us to accept bribes or any form of payment.


We encourage everyone to report any doubts about compliance with the code of conduct and to express their concerns in a sincere, reasonable, fair and respectful manner. daamen & van sluis will protect any individuals from retaliation. Executives are responsible for dealing with problems that are brought to their attention. If mention is made of (suspected) breach of our code of conduct, the situation will be investigated. If necessary steps will be taken such as disciplinary measures. This also applies to anyone who has knowledge, approves or is aware of a violation and did not take immediately action to correct it.


Disciplinary action

If mention is made of (suspected) breach of our code of conduct, the situation is investigated. If necessary certain steps could be taken such as disciplinary measures. This also applies to anyone who has knowledge, approves or is aware of a violation and did not take immediately action to correct it.